The GLOCK 30SF Concealed Carry Handgun

The GLOCK 30SF is an excellent handgun for those who want a handgun that is both reliable and not too bulky. The GLOCK 30SF is 4.7 ounces lighter than the Springfield XD and just 6 ounces heavier than the M&P Shield 45.

This compact pistol chambered in the legendary.45 auto round offers excellent out-of-box precision, ballistic quality, and simplicity of operation. It is also the top choice among plainclothes and security personnel in the U.S. The slimmer grip circumference makes it ideal for small hands, while the 45 acp is extremely powerful and provides a significant stopping power.

The Glock 30S is an updated version of the original Glock 30. It is a bit smaller, lighter, and uses the same magazine as the Glock 21 and Glock 30. The Glock 30 was derived from the Glock 29 but is now chambered in.45 ACP. Both of the guns share the same magazine, and can be used to carry concealed or openly.

Among the latest models, the Glock 30SF is an excellent choice for concealed carry. Its compact design is perfect for concealment and has a 10-round capacity. It is capable of carrying one’s entire gear and other essentials, and the gun’s reliability is unmatched.

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