Glock 30S Problems

If you’re noticing a steady stream of FTF’s when you shoot your Glock 30S, you might be experiencing a few different issues with your gun. One of the main causes is a dirty magazine, but there are other issues as well. In addition to the magazine, your guide rod spring and ammunition can also be damaged or worn.

You might want to consider an aftermarket grip sleeve, which will allow you to get a more comfortable grip. These products will give you a full, comfortable grip, but a smaller profile. Also, keep in mind that the Glock 30S is limited in terms of caliber conversion.

The GLOCK 30S comes with two magazines that hold ten rounds each. Both magazines extend past the bottom of the grip, so it may not be comfortable for smaller shooters. The Glock 30S also has an accessory rail that extends past the muzzle. These issues may be minor, but should be addressed before purchasing the gun superstep

While the Glock 30S is slightly smaller and lighter than the original Glock 30, it still packs a massive.45 ACP bullet. The 30S was developed by GLOCK enthusiasts who wanted to make a mix-and-match pistol. The slide from the GLOCK 36 was fitted onto the Glock 30 frame. This combination gave GLOCK the ability to reduce weight and slide width without sacrificing accuracy. The Glock 30S has become a huge hit with consumers, and it is a great concealed carry pistol.

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