Glock 30S Magazine Capacity Upgrade

The Glock 30s features a standard magazine capacity of ten rounds, but you can upgrade to an extended magazine with 11 rounds. This is a convenient way to carry double the amount of.45ACP ammo. The extended magazine also has a captured dual spring system. The magazine comes with polymer sights and a rear U-notch. If you want to make your pistol even more accurate, you can replace the polymer sights with iron sights.

The Glock 30S is a popular choice among concealed carry license holders. It is known for its massive capacity, low recoil, and ultra-reliable performance. These features make it the perfect pistol for serious shooters. The Glock 30/30SF factory magazine is designed to feed consistently in even the toughest environments. The pistol’s compact design and durable polymer construction also make it a solid choice.

The Glock 30s was designed for the U.S. military and other law enforcement agencies. The design was expanded later to include other handgun calibers and sizes. The company also released a compact 10mm and a subcompact.45ACP. It was also the first Glock pistol to have a built-in flashlight.

The G30S is designed for immediate defense against lethal threats. Its control requires modern isometric shooting techniques. At the launch of the G30S, GLOCK Professional employees, including law enforcement veterans and practical shooting competitors, were very enthusiastic about this new hybrid.

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